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Entry #9

I am the meme queen

2016-01-21 20:42:44 by maddsc11

Let's see what's happened through all these years... I'm hardly active on this site anymore and I don't really care about making animations or any of that stuff nowadays. Kinda sad, but hey I have grown [slightly]

I came out to myself and my family, graduated high school, went to college, changed my major a ton of times, am now majoring in Computer Science, dyed my hair pink, got married to a man whom I adore, and now live a life of dank memes and excessive amounts of whisky.

Things are cool. Again, no one keeps up with me here but I still have a glimmer of hope that millenia from now, these pages will be stored in some archive in Antarctica and tiny fragments of my life will be displayed to whomever finds them. maybe there'll be some inspiration there. Anyway here's to a lovely 2016


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