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I am the meme queen

2016-01-21 20:42:44 by maddsc11

Let's see what's happened through all these years... I'm hardly active on this site anymore and I don't really care about making animations or any of that stuff nowadays. Kinda sad, but hey I have grown [slightly]

I came out to myself and my family, graduated high school, went to college, changed my major a ton of times, am now majoring in Computer Science, dyed my hair pink, got married to a man whom I adore, and now live a life of dank memes and excessive amounts of whisky.

Things are cool. Again, no one keeps up with me here but I still have a glimmer of hope that millenia from now, these pages will be stored in some archive in Antarctica and tiny fragments of my life will be displayed to whomever finds them. maybe there'll be some inspiration there. Anyway here's to a lovely 2016


2011-03-23 18:18:01 by maddsc11

What? you're actually reading more?
What do you expect to find in a post with a topic of 'HELLO!' in a userpage of someone you've never met or has accomplished anything notable on a site that a finite amount of people visit daily?

Well if it's amusement you're seeking, how about looking at my submissions.. I least recommend viewing my flashes, intermediately recommend listening to my audio, and most recommend looking at my art.
But overall its pretty bad so I don't know of any reason why you would be interested in being here...
Nevertheless.. welcome to my userpage...

Hello again

2010-08-03 02:06:34 by maddsc11

I am bored and I am just writing another post. It is 2:04 AM and I am just sitting here...
what's another one... O-o... He is stupid and he is just cramming another breakfast sandwich down his throat.


2010-06-26 20:18:34 by maddsc11

Umm, well i haven't made a post in awhile soo..... i'll post this picture i made for my cousin of PARAMORE!! (in stick figure form) so go see it in the art portal!! Its Called Paramore Stick Figures! unless you hate Paramore, then you can go shoot yourself......

I have flash now but it's flash 5, like the oldest version ever. However, my father wants to see if he can get a later version, because it will benefit him and his company.

As for myself, im doing fine. It's summer i'm chillaxin with my home dawgs and G-dizzles, and goin' to the beach! If only it weren't so damn hot down here in Florida >.<


2010-04-23 22:04:08 by maddsc11

after an entire 2.2 years without flash, an unprecedented piece of news just reached me a few minutes ago. I may have flash again in the next few days to next week!!!! I'M SO EXCITED!! I can finally be a part of Newgrounds again, the only things I've submitted after A Chinese Story were Sanctuary, Star Fanatic, and Warped Pillars (one was made in paint, another in Photoshop, and the song was made on GARAGE BAND!!! YO!!) Also, like 30 minutes ago, I installed the trial for Flash MX 2004 after months of juggling through different computers and longing to be reunited with my best friend (Flash) I've gone through at least 4 or 5 trials between those times. So this will probably be the last trial of Flash I ever have to install
(unless my computer commits suicide again, i mean this computer IS pretty old, and not worthy of many functions that flash has to offer, but can still use them). So yes, expect to see a little Maddsc11 submissions in the near future !! =D



2010-04-14 14:26:13 by maddsc11

Umm, yeah I never update my profile, so I decided to make a new post. May be a very long time until I have flash again, so in the mean time you can view my old, crappy flash submissions or enjoy my audio submission and art submissions.
also, here's a list of my blammed submissions (or at least ones I can remember)(not in complete chronological order and not the exact title . . . if it is the title i'll put (T) next to it, if it's close ill put (~T):

1. Something about yoshi and mario going to a movie theater . . . -made in 2005

2. King Kong: The short version(~T) - Made in 2006, stick figures with high pitched voices

3. A comic slide show that showcased three of my classics, that you've never heard of . . . 2006 or 7

4. Stick Fate (T) - 2007 a choose the death game, some people liked it

5. Flash Fugitives (T) - 2007, some guy escapes from flash and goes on the internet, the cursor draws stuff for him like laser cannons and staircases (sound familiar?)

6. Stickman Dressup - 2006, I don't actually know if I submitted this, but it may have been blammed. It's in my Game pack now, so whatever . . .

7. Maddsc11's Halloween Game Pack (~T) -2007 This was never submitted, but it was the Halloween version of my game pack, I couldn't submit it due to my many failures, i had to wait 2 weeks and make some changes. By the time I could submit it, it was half way through November . . .

8. A First Person shooter game - 2007, Though it was after Halloween, i still wanted to make something scary. I actually put a lot of effort into this and really thought people would like it, but the only problem was that it was only one screen of scary stuff. . . such as writing in blood on the wall, a head on a spike dripping blood, and a blood curdling moan. All while some guy with a robot hand holds a block-like gun. The funny thing is, it was one measly vote away from success, i wonder what the score would have been o-o . . . 199 votes =(

9. A fight between a karate master and a wizard - I just remembered this recently, i don't even remember when I submitted it. I also don't remember who won. But basically, I was just experimenting. It used all tweens and the characters were drawn with an anime-like style.
Well yeah, those are all (or most) of my failures =D, i was 11-13 when I made all of these, but at least some of my accomplishments were appreciated to some extent, but that era is gone now, and now I can only look back . . .

If you're interested at all in what these submissions are, go to my old freewebs site that I made when I was 10(obviously when I got flash MX) it contains some of my OOOLD cartoons, King Kong and the Yoshi / Mario thing are Fresh material compared to what Is on that site. Including my very first Flash animation, and first Flash Cartoon. Also, there are some games on there including the draft of Stick Fate, with only 4 choices. Also there is a draft version of Stickman Dressup, and my very first "game". Be warned though, I made these from 10-12, don't read anything I have to say there, I was too naive back then. . . Finally, I can give you the address . . .

So thats it, I am VERY surprised you read all of that, even after stumbling upon my userpage!
Congratulations, you have no life . . . for bonus points you can go to the site!!! (please)

oh and i would love to see some more feedback on any of my old stuff, i would also love it if I had flash again =), also if you want to comment, then PLEASE tell me how you managed to make it to my userpage <=.

No new toons for awhile

2008-05-15 07:20:18 by maddsc11

I won't be able to make any flash cartoons or games because my computer broke and all of the flash
files that aren't on the internet are gone along with flash itself. So now i'm bored. . .

PS: I lost the CD too

No new toons for awhile

First accepted cartoon

2008-02-27 22:54:58 by maddsc11

I have a new cartoon on here now called the chinese story, it the first cartoon i submitted on here that didn't get blammed. I doubt anyone will ever read this page anyway, but someday when i'm a little more practiced in flash, i may become more cyber-popular (new term alert). In any case, this was also the best flash i ever submitted on here. Even though this only took an entire day (about 8-12 hours) to make,
it still pretty good, so go ahead and watch it.

PS: i will do even better next time if i remain resolute.

PPS: i turn 14 in about 6 1/2 months!


2008-02-27 22:43:54 by maddsc11

test test test TEST TEST